Frequently Asked Questions

What does my transmission do?

Car engines need to operate at a pretty high internal speed, which is inappropriate for starting, stopping, and slower travel. Your transmission adapts the output of the engine to the drive wheels reducing the higher engine speed to the slower wheel speed, increasing torque in the process.

Manual or Automatic?

While both transmissions do essentially the same function they are very different. In your vehicle the transmission generally is connected to the engine crankshaft with a flywheel/clutch or flex plate/torque convertor. Cars with an automatic transmission have no clutch that disconnects the transmission from the engine, they use a torque convertor, while a manual transmission uses a flywheel and clutch as well as linkage to function properly. The output of the transmission is transmitted through the driveshaft to one or more differentials, which drives the wheels. Your differential may also provide gear reduction, but its primary job is to permit the wheels at either end of an axle to rotate at different speeds (which is what keeps your wheels from slipping on turns) as it changes the direction of rotation. We offer service for both types of transmission.

Can heat cause my transmission to fail?

Under normal driving conditions, our vehicles run pretty efficiently. If you routinely tow a trailer or heavy load in the bed of your pickup you might notice the vehicle struggling to keep up and your gas mileage would certainly decrease. Just like human beings, an engine that is carrying extra weight requires extra energy, and extra energy creates extra heat. The same is true for your vehicle’s transmission. Too much heat will damage your engine and transmission which can lead to expensive repairs or, even worse you’re left stranded along the side of the road. Vehicles that tow thousands of extra pounds of trailer weight do much more work than regular cars and they create a lot more heat under the stress of a heavy load. Because of this, many people who regularly tow install transmission coolers into their trucks, SUVs or recreational vehicles. Call us for more information regarding your specific needs.