Transmission Repair/Rebuild or Replace

Depending on many factors we might recommend to repair, rebuild or replace your transmission. Factors in the recommendation include the age, make and model of the vehicle, your use of the vehicle, and the extent of the problem at hand. We also consider that some transmissions have identifying characteristics including high failure parts or operating issues. Many times a Technical Service Bulletin or Internet Forum can be a benefit when choosing a course of action.

Transmission Service

We’re big supporters of preventative maintenance. Routine scheduled transmission service, which replaces the fluid and possibly the filter and pan gasket will extend the life and functionality of your transmission. The goal is to avoid having to rebuild or replace your transmission – or even worse your car! A transmission service is also an excellent indicator of the overall health of your transmission.

4WD/Transfer Case

Looking through any parking lot in Colorado you’ll notice many of vehicles are trucks or SUVs. Many of those have 4WD/AWD capability. It seems issues with this area of your car or truck always show up when you need them the least. We don’t usually use that option until we need it! With the unpredictable nature of winter in Colorado, it’s worth the peace of mind to know you can get around when you need. Again, prevention and maintenance are the keys!


With all the potholes and roads in need of paving, a vibration in your vehicle can go unnoticed. I addition to suspension alignment, one of the many contributors to a ‘bumpy ride’ can be driveline related. A driveshaft or U-joint that is worn or out of balance can cause vibrations. We have the tools and resources needed to smooth things out for you.


Performance means different things to different people. It may mean good mileage or reliability. It also may mean going down the 1/4 mile consistently or taking your truck off-road to climb or crawl. Once you tell us what your goal is we will help you get there.

If you have a ‘project’ you’re working on we can help there, too. We can recommend the right application or make modifications so you can see your dream become a reality. Additionally, we can supply you with performance and aftermarket parts. We have a variety of transmission cores. If you are the do-it-yourself person you can bring your core into us and have your unit completely rebuild. Contact us for your needs.

Fleet Service

We offer fleet service programs to keep your business vehicles in proper condition. Transmission service/oil change/differential fluid services are all offered at reasonable rates and with flexible scheduling to minimize ‘down time’.


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